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Rendy Swimming Pools

We Are The Doctors of Swimming Pools


Swimming pool repair services for both marbelite swimming pools and fibreglass swimming pools.


Swimming pool renovation services for both marbelite swimming pools and fibreglass swimming pools.

Swimming Pool Maintenance 

Keeping your pool in tip top condition is important and allows you and your family to safely enjoy it.


New fiberglass pools and new gunite pools installed by master swimming pool builders Rhino Pools. For that new swimming pool you always dreamed of

Pool solutions

The fun of owning a swimming pool should not be overshadowed by the chore of having to maintain it. At Rendy Swimming Pools, we want you to enjoy the bluest, cleanest water whenever you take a dip, without having to worry about chlorine levels, algae and filtration. Whether it’s supervising the installation of a new pool, servicing your weekly or bi-monthly maintenance requirements or restoring a pool in need of repair, our team of experts, led by owner Steven Westraat, is geared with all the latest knowledge to keep your pool water sparkling.

Our services and products will leave your waters perfectly balanced so that every swim is a pleasure. Be it a new filtration system, salt-water chlorinator, backwash tank, automatic pool cleaner, pool lighting or pump, we’ll cater to your unique environment, ensuring a corrosion-free pool that will last for years to come.

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Services Provided By Rendy swimming pools

We promise our customers with unmatched quality and extremely reliable services at very reasonable prices. When it comes to designing and constructing your swimming pool, we are very flexible with customer requirements. Every customer is catered to with exclusive attention in order to provide them with a uniquely built swimming pool. 

Swimming Pool Repairs

Our repair services include replacing linings, replacing cracked or missing tiles, repairing cracks, grouting, and resurfacing.

 Pools Relining

Relining swimming pool
gives your pool a brand new look in instant, at just a fraction of the cost of a new pool while also lasting a lifetime.

Pool Maintenance

Maintaining the chemistry of your pool water is not something that one can do by themselves. Maintenance experts from Rendy Pools will do the needful for you and reduce the frustration in trying to do it by yourself.

New Pool Installation

For any kind of Swimming Pool Installations Rendy Pools team is always ready to add value to your backyard with our expert Swimming Pool Installation Services. We help you to get a unique pool installed at a minimal cost.

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Whether you are in need of repairs, new installation or just looking for an energy efficient equipment upgrade, poolprof will work with you to provide a solution to fit your budget. poolprof can repair just about anything that goes wrong with your pool and its equipment. Call us and let us know what your problem is.