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We Are The Doctor of swimming Pool

If you own a pool, you probably know that a well-maintained pool is the key to a relaxed and enjoyable swimming. We are experienced pool maintenance Pretoria specialists who have all it takes to make your pool hygienic and sparkling clean hence inviting and relaxing to you and your family. With our swimming pool drainage and cleaning service, we will transform your storm water flooded or algae infested pool into a natural beauty by cleaning the drainages and chemically treating the water surface.

Pools require constant cleaning to ensure that dirt does not settle on it. As a certified Pretoria-based company, we offer a number of home care services, such as garden irrigation and garden waste removal. Pool care is another of our frequently requested services. We provide professional regular cleaning services once per week not only to keep the pool clean but also to test the chemical levels and add all the required chemicals wherever necessary. We also backwash, brush and rinse the sides of the pool to prevent algae from developing. Our company provides a number of pool services in Pretoria, which include:

  • Pool pump cleaning
  • Pond clearing
  • Cleaning of the leaf baskets
  • Backwashing and rinsing of the filter systems
  • Cleaning and brushing the pool walls
  • Servicing and installation of the pool pumps
Pool Maintenance Pretoria

Client satisfaction is our top priority and we strive to achieve it in each and every task that we undertake. To ensure that every project is done exactly the way a client needs it and with quality control exercised during various stages of work, our pool cleaners in Pretoria have undergone intense training on dealing with every aspect regarding pool cleaning.

If you have a busy schedule, you can contact us to enquire for our services on a specific date that will not interfere with your work routine. Our services are not only apt and done according to the client specifications, but we also achieve the set targets within the required time. Call our swimming pool maintenance Pretoria service on 079 533 4433 to get free quotations on the services that we offer

ool services Pretoria take the weekly hassle out of swimming pool maintenance, swimming pool supplies, swimming pool chemical balancing, swimming pool cleaning and pool repairs, keeping your swimming pool crystal clear and ready for you. When selecting Swimming Pool Repairs Pretoria, Pool services Pretoria’s weekly visit will ensure that your swimming pool has the perfect balance of chemicals to last until Pool Pump Repairs Pretoria’s next check up.

The last thing one wants when going for a refreshing dip is to be confronted by a dirty, green pond where your sparkling gem once was. Pool Repairs Pretoria offer pool service throughout the Pretoria suburbs. Pool Maintenance Pretoria currently have a team of professional pool maintenance staff and maintain and service hundreds pools weekly in Pretoria alone. Pool Pump Repairs Pretoria are not limited to routine swimming pool maintenance and swimming pool repair, swimming pool cleaning Pretoria also specialise in remodelling of swimming pools and spas. Swimming pool cleaners Pretoria have been proudly servicing the Pretoria.

Marbelite pools Pretoria have a structured perfect swimming pool maintenance plan for pool heating Pretoria’s clients, and to be as hassle free and as affordable as possible leaving you to relax and enjoy your swimming pool the way it was intended to be enjoyed. When choosing pool builders Pretoria, fiberglass pool repairs Pretoria will be making your swimming experience an intoxicating one!

Swimming Pool Repairs Pretoria’s swimming pool services consist of: All pool maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment. New pump, filter, salt Chlorinator, pool skimmer box, (Aim-flow), under water light installations, weekly and fortnightly pool cleaning contracts, free Computerised Water Analysis and Chemical Advise, replacement of filter sand, leak Detection and onsite repairs, Once off pool cleaning, pool chemicals, pumps, filters, salt chlorinators, automatic pool cleaners and general pool accessories from Pool Repairs Pretoria and there is a delivery service when in your area.

Pool Pump Repairs Pretoria will leave your swimming pool ready for a week of fun and relaxation from the minute Pool Maintenance Pretoria’s team leaves. The price of each swimming pool maintenance contract differs depending on each swimming pool. Swimming pool cleaners Pretoria do it all from our pool service in Pretoria. Swimming pool cleaning Pretoria do a free delivery service when in your area for pool heating Pretoria’s clients.