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Pool Maintenance Services Sandton

We Are The Doctor of swimming Pool

If you own a pool, you probably know that a well-maintained pool is the key to a relaxed and enjoyable swimming. We are experienced pool maintenance Pretoria specialists who have all it takes to make your pool hygienic and sparkling clean hence inviting and relaxing to you and your family. With our swimming pool drainage and cleaning service, we will transform your storm water flooded or algae infested pool into a natural beauty by cleaning the drainages and chemically treating the water surface.

Pools require constant cleaning to ensure that dirt does not settle on it. As a certified Pretoria-based company, we offer a number of home care services, such as garden irrigation and garden waste removal. Pool care is another of our frequently requested services. We provide professional regular cleaning services once per week not only to keep the pool clean but also to test the chemical levels and add all the required chemicals wherever necessary. We also backwash, brush and rinse the sides of the pool to prevent algae from developing.

Sandton Pool Services

  • Contructing individually designed new and specialised swimming pools
  • Rimflow pool specialists
  • Renovating existing swimming pools
  • Designing and developing water features
  • Pool pump repairs and replacements
  • Filtration installation and repairs
  • Pool heating
  • Salt chlorination
  • Total pool makeovers
  • Monthly pool maintenance contracts
  • Lighting and Electrics
  • Resurfacing of pools (white and colour marbelite)

Our Guarantee – competitive pricing, personal service, superior materials, quality workmanship

Enhance your lifestyle and the value of your home by dealing with Sandton Pool Services . Whether you are looking to:

Build a new pool • Renovate your existing pool • Repair or maintain your pool • Build a custom made water feature • Upgrade the lighting on your pool • Resurface your pool.

We will take care of all of your swimming pool requirements, including any maintenance and service requirements relating to pool filters, pool pumps, weirs, heat pumps, salt chlorinators, pool maintenance equipment, lighting and electrics, and all pool resurfacing.

Our company provides a number of pool services in Sandton, which include:

  • Pool pump cleaning
  • Pond clearing
  • Cleaning of the leaf baskets
  • Backwashing and rinsing of the filter systems
  • Cleaning and brushing the pool walls
  • Servicing and installation of the pool pumps
Pool Maintenance Pretoria

Client satisfaction is our top priority and we strive to achieve it in each and every task that we undertake. To ensure that every project is done exactly the way a client needs it and with quality control exercised during various stages of work, our pool cleaners in Pretoria have undergone intense training on dealing with every aspect regarding pool cleaning.

If you have a busy schedule, you can contact us to enquire for our services on a specific date that will not interfere with your work routine. Our services are not only apt and done according to the client specifications, but we also achieve the set targets within the required time. Call our swimming pool maintenance Pretoria service on 079 533 4433 to get free quotations on the services that we offer. 

Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance will ensure clean and safe swimming water.
No amount of money can take the place of time spent with your family. For this reason we offer weekly pool maintenance services.We come to your house once a week and make sure your pool is ready whenever you want to swim.

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fiberglass pool designs

Having a consistent maintenance plan ensures:

  • Water gets tested every week and balanced.
  • Filter gets back washed and rinsed every week.
  • Pool gets brushed.
  • Leaves removed.
  • Pump and weir basket get cleaned.

Our Pool Maintenance Services:

Skim Debris and Clean out Baskets.

Skimming significantly increases the efficiency of the pool’s circulation system and lowers the amount of chlorine you’ll need to add to your pool.

Cleaning out strainer baskets at least once a week also helps circulation and lowers chlorine demands.

Vacuum the Pool and Brush Walls and Tile.

A pool should be vacuumed every week to keep water clear and reduce the amount of chemicals you need to add to it.

Brushing the walls and tile helps minimize algae buildup and calcium deposits so they don’t fester and become larger problems.
When dirt gets into small cracks and pores in your pool wall, it can create fast growing algae.
A pool brush attached to the telescopic pole is most commonly used to brush algae off the walls.

Clean the Pool Filter.

The main purpose of the swimming pool filter system is to keep your pool water clear and clean.
When you filter your pool, a lot of dirt and debris is caught in the filter sand.
Your filter will become clogged and will need to be backwashed and rinsed to clear it.
There are three kinds of pool filters: cartridge, sand and diatomaceous earth.

While there are different maintenance procedures for each type, all require periodic cleaning depending on the type of filter and how often a pool is used.

Check and Maintain Water Level.

The water level of your pool will decrease due to evaporation and activity such as swimming, splashing and exiting the pool.

Maintain the pH Level.

Pool water should be tested regularly to make sure it’s clean and healthy.

Maintaining the proper chemical balance in your pool water not only keeps the water sparkling clean, it also helps protect your heater, pump, and other system components from damage, and can assist in keeping your pool finish looking like new.

  • Low pH causes eye and skin irritation.
  • High pH inactivates chlorine.
  • Unbalanced pH can damage vinyl liners.
  • Low pH can lead to corrosion.
  • High pH causes cloudy water.