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Swimming pool renovations services

All swimming pools have a limited lifespan.Pool Repairs bryanston specialists do not only renovate old 30 – 40 year old neglected and worn down pools, but also renovate pools in order to accommodate new features such as stairs, making a pool deeper, shallower as well as structural changes. At Pool Repairs bryanston specialists we see pool renovations as large scale pool repair projects.

A complete watertight pool renovation is often worthwhile and sometimes a lot more cost effective over the long period then doing small repairs bit by bit. This is because an old pool that is starting to give problems will often continue to do so even after repairs have been done and the only way to ensure your pool is functioning in tip top shape is to renovate it completely.

A renovated pool can give new life to a garden landscape. If you want to change or renovate the structure or style of your pool you have come to the right place.

Complete swimming pool renovation

A complete pool renovation project will include resurfacing your pool with a marbelite or fiberglass surface finish, applying of a brand new mosaic tile border around the pool. Copings and paving around the pool may be replaced if desired. Water features, saltwater chlorination technology and new LED lighting can also be added and installed for luxury and convenience.

A new watertight pool renovation project will not only include aesthetic improvements, but will ensure all equipment in the pool such as the pump/ filter system is in tip top shape. When renovating your pool all underground high pressure return and suction piping are often replaced to ensure that the pool does not leak for many years to come old piping may sometimes be fragile and prone to cracking

Before applying the final surface finish we will carefully inspect your pool shell for any structural cracks or defects. These structural cracks whether minor or major will be repaired and reinforced.

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