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Affordable Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Keeping your pool in tip top condition is important and allows you and your family to safely enjoy it. Poor maintenance, inadequate or overuse of chemicals or poorly functioning filters pumps can make swimming hazardous and shorten the overall lifespan of your pool. Regularly maintaining the pool itself through cleaning, replacing filters and checking for leaks, cracked tiles and torn vinyl will prolong your pool or jacuzzi and ensure safe use for longer periods whilst keeping the water fresh. Our expert swimming pool maintenance in SANDTON provides a leading service and tackles every aspect of upkeep to give you peace of mind and to avoid large repair bills and your pool being out of action.

Essential Pool Cleaning SANDTON should be completed at least once every month when the pool(s) are in consistent use. Cleaning by the way of removing leaves and other debris using a net is recommended daily and will assist in keeping the filter cleaner and the pump from becoming clogged. Algi can build up on the tiles around your pool so its recommended that you hire a professional to clean the tiles using a suction or rotary cleaner and this should be carried out monthly. As part of our service, our swimming pool cleaners in SANDTON will also check your filters, replace if necessary and service the pump and heating mechanisms to ensure ultimate longevity.

If you have an issue with your pool, the filtration systems, pumps or heaters, we can assist in a quick and effective repair. We also repair torn vinyl membrane, cracked tiles, steps and hoses. We cater for all repairs and renovation work for all types of pool regardless of shape or size. Our Swimming Pool Repair SANDTON is quick, cost effective and guaranteed so don’t hesitate in calling our professional pool company today on 079 533 4433 and speak with a member of our team.